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Time spent by Merle deciding whether to forget the birth of his children: 0 seconds

Time spent by Magnus deciding whether to forget the memory of the man who killed his wife and destroyed his home: a few minutes

Time spent by Taako deciding whether to become slightly less hot: about two years

What’s important to me in all this is Magnus’ complete acceptance of Taako’s struggle.

Taako: [after learning he has to decide whether to become less hot] [5 more seconds of complete silence] I just don’t….I know I need to make a decision here. It’s just, you know-it’s a tough one, right?

Griffin: You say to one-eyed Merle and Magnus who just forgot the killers of his-

Magnus: No-no listen, everybody’s battle’s are their own and I’m not going to sit here and tell Taako who’s struggle is worse or less than mine.

Taako/Justin: Taako’s also not a good person? Like Taako is not a good person–

Magnus/Travis: Yeah, but I feel I know Taako well enough by this point to know how hard this must be for him. I understand if this is too much and I’ll take two [penalty] spins if this is too much.

Genuinely I loved this so much, Magnus is straight up the sweetest, the nicest, the most heroic of the boys, he’s the friend with an instagram of nothing except dogs he saw on the street and comments on all of taako’s selfies like “you look good today!”

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