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April 26 2017

Best flowers for bees! Ageratum



Ageratum (HHA) Easy to grow, with heads of blue flowers and another member of the compositae family, so lots of food on one flower head. This is one of my favorite annuals in the garden. Just don’t plant out until all danger of frost has passed and dead head for more flowers.

Where, When and How to Plant?

Ageratum are not fussy about soil conditions as long as it’s well-drained. Purchased transplants from the local garden center and set them out into the garden planted 6 inches apart in spring after all danger of frost has passed. To produce a larger quantity of ageratum for less cost, start seeds indoors 8 to 10 weeks before the last frost date in your area. Barely cover the seed with potting soil, as they need light to germinate. Plant in full sun in cooler parts of New England. Plant in part shade in warmer regions, or if grown a warm microclimate such as near a south-facing stone wall.

Growing Tips

Keep plants well-watered and weeded once transplanted. Although they can tolerate dry conditions, young plants need moist soil to get established. Pinch back the growing tips of young plants to stimulate them to branch out and form a bushier plant. This will lead to more flowers. Deadhead the flowers to keep the blooming all summer and for a tidier appearance.

Regional Advice and Care

During hot, dry spells spider mites can attack ageratum causing them to dieback. To prevent spider mite infestations, mist the plants during dry spells with water. Spider mites don’t like humid conditions. Cut back damaged plants if you miss the infestation and they should regrow and flower again.

these are stunning!

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Watch this cute birb do its angry dance


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Officer D.Va (x)

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are we ever going to talk about how you have to get actual permission from both your captain and doctor in order to have sex with an alien

like who sits around Starfleet and makes these rules

For everyone wondering about this:

“All Starfleet personnel must obtain authorization from their CO as well as clearance from their medical officer before initiating an intimate relationship with an alien species.” (VOY: “The Disease”)

It’s true. 

this is hilarious

yo captain i wanna bang this alien

sdfsldkfslkj this is the part of Bones’s job he hates the most, going through all the forms on his PADD to give the green-light to all these potential sexual encounters he just WISHES HE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE but you know he actually DOES SOME RESEARCH to see if people will be COMPATIBLE whereas Jim just ticks the box, all, FREE LOVE, BONES and Bones has to be like GODDAMMIT DID YOU EVEN READ THE FILE, JIM, THEY DON’T EVEN HAvE ORIFICES and Jim is like, wow, Bones, they can still have fun, don’t judge

and bones



This sounds like the sort of rule that got instituted because of something that happened to Kirk, TBH.

It’s referred to in Bones’ log as “The Incident” and Kirk was itchy and purple for weeks

Y’all have got it backwards.

Kirk wanting to bang everything that movies is mostly the parody version of the character. The notion owes more to Zap Brannigan and company than anything out of the original series; yes, Kirk sometimes ends up in compromising positions with female aliens, because he’s a 60s action hero, but he rarely pursues it himself.

In the original series, it’s Bones himself who wants to bang everything with two legs and a pulse.

Like, it’s an actual plot point in multiple episodes.

April 25 2017

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Stellaris devs on stream talking about changes to the traits of the default humans in the new patch:

“meanwhile we redesigned the human race”
“we removed Quick Learners because obviously we are not quick learners and never have been, if we were then 2016 would have never happened”
“so now we’re Nomadic, Adaptive, and Wasteful”
“if there’s anywhere to go we’ll go there, if there’s anything to fuck up there we’ll fuck it up”

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| ベスト フレンド
⊳ sakura and tomoyo
✔ republished w/permission

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Updated my pin game today ✖️🖤✖️ (at Los Angeles, California)





Dogs on TV always look so stiff. Like they’re supposed to be just sitting there but you can tell that the dog is like “!!!! Am good boy!!! Am hold position!!! Am look off stage at handler!!! Hi handler!!! Ready your finest treats for the good boy!!!”

My favorite are dogs who are supposed to be fierce but are so clearly playing at it. Just dubbing in growls can’t change that butt-wiggle of “I’m doing THE THING and soon I’ll get PRAISE and play with MY TOY”

Yes. This too.

#fun fact#for the wolves in the lion the witch and the wardrobe they used wolf dog hybrids#and the scene where they descend on the dam and start tearing it apart#all scary and what have you #anyway#they had to cgi new tails for each wolf because the dogs were just so happy to dig up this dam#and it didn’t look very threatening when these scary wolves have wagging tails as they dig via imafangirlidontdocalm

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someone please post a gif of genji’s dance in HOTS so i can use it as all my reaction gifs from now on

I just went and made these gifs real quick for ya please use any of them

hes such a bad dancer i love him

it gets so much better- look where it’s from


oh? my god?

honestly i still don’t agree with what hanzo did to his brother but i’m starting to understand why it had to be done 

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by Megumi Inoue.


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Reposted bymantonis mantonis
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