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June 10 2017

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My aesthetic is equal parts bougie and banjee.

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now this is what Im talkin about 


My goal is to be very, very cute but also very, very spooky




Welcome to Australia! Where a fast food restaurant literally made a mirrored reflective sea-gull proof packet for their fries so they don’t god damn try to fly down and steal your fries.




This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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Im so, happy


I love them so much

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i love monster high and i’ve always wanted to play DnD so here’s the teenage daughter of the beholder in casual and formal attire~

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Wigging out today with Mrs @violetchachki for a secret project

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Poison Ivy commission!

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theres this guy on youtube who just gets stung by increasingly deadly/painful insects and the videos are like 5 minutes of him getting psyched up to sting himself and then 10 minutes of him lying on the ground shrieking in agony

His name is Coyote Petersen and he is like what if your nerdy cub scouts leader made a youtube channel where he does nothing but have himself get bitten by gators and stung by insects for views in the hopes it will make people like him.

I like him a lot.

This is the Ocelot Friend?!

this guy is an irl Palahniuk protagonist

Oh my god I love him. Ocelot Friend (Coyote Peterson) is the BEST

He once climbed a tree to get a coconut, reached for it, then joyfully shouted “I caught an iguana!  I’m putting it in my pocket!”

He then DOES SO and finishes collecting coconuts.  He named the iguana Wilson and, upon releasing him, did an EXCELLENT recreation of the “Wilson floats away” scene from Castaway.

He gets stung/bitten/injured intentionally to show what basic first aid can be done, and accidental injuries are also used as teachable moments.  As far as the extremely painful stings went, he was challenged to get stung by a bullet ant but decided to work his way up the insect pain index scale first so he had some idea of how bad it was going to be.  He also insisted on catching each insect first.  For the tarantula hawk, he caught it but also fell into a cactus while doing so, and then used that as a teaching moment of what to do when you fall into a fucking cactus.

His camera guys are the best, too.  They do much breaking of the fourth wall and make snarky comments periodically.  They provide much first aid for some reason.

Coyote is basically what you get if Steve Irwin and a golden retriever had a baby.

Reblogging primarily because I’ll never meet a cooler concept than a guy named Ocelot Friend.

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Everything I got today at the contemporary craft festival, I’ll tag the artists as I find them 💖 (at The Contemporary Craft Festival)

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dorian “fashion icon” pavus would absolutely wear these if he could

0746 0188 500

I started a pottery collection today 😍🏺





the idea of consuming two conflicting things that promise to do the opposite of each other has always been hilarious to me. there’s a liquid shot-based sleep aid called 6 hour sleep and as soon as I saw it i immediately imagined mixing it and a 5 hour energy together for a 1 hour nap

mix NyQuil and DayQuil to create Quil

what does Quil do

All the time all the time

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I know exactly why Im crying in the club right now

You can’t tell but it’s pretty here

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i love that trinity cracks jokes about her fake ass

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