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October 26 2017


ideally i am a mountain witch who collects mushroom and raw berries before sunrise and summons the birds with the soft sound of my voice

October 25 2017

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“what’re your plans for tonight?” 




That moment when the DM brings in a part of your character’s background into the game but then you remember that they’re going to do it to fuck you and your character up

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out of the frying pan… into cravin’ bacon.

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some d&d twins!!

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Let’s get one thing fucking straight

The Las Vegas shooter was not mentally ill

He planned this out

Picked the weapon

Picked the event

Picked the hotel

Picked the room

He knew damn well what he was doing

He is sane

And he is a fucking monster

Stop trying to humanize him

Stop dragging those that actually suffer with mental illness under the bus

Stop acting like we’re the problem with gun violence

Stop IGNORING how this monster LEGALLY got his hands on 17 semi automatic machine gun –modified them to make them automatic– then got enough ammo to kill 59 people and injure over 510 more

Stop letting people say that this isn’t about gun control

Stop tolerating the bullshit because it’s the easier thing to do

Start speaking the fuck up because you don’t know when you’ll end up watching people die around you just because you went out to have some fun

He gambled on average $10,000/day for almost two weeks with one day blowing $30,000.

He was an accountant by trade: methodical, meticulous.

He had a net worth of just over $2M.

He followed all the “rules” in buying guns.

Criminal profilers across all divisions of law enforcement are “…stumped. He fits no known profile.” Yes. Yes, he does. You people just don’t want to admit it. But at least CNN did this morning: White men.

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October 24 2017

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also: we could try killing fewer preschoolers. 

This guy’s gut instinct was that any amount of preschoolers being shot dead annually is normal.




GOD does anyone remember the rivalry between “fandom/hipster” blogs before it morphed into the dichotomy of “shitpost” and “aesthetic” blogs and then, whatever it is we’re all doing now

we’re all just pissing in our cups right now

we sure are

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harry potter + subjects




when a npc you didn’t want dead in a bethesda rpg dies and you console command revive them, but their AI starts acting up weird and they begin to just stand in random places and not preform their usual animations and eventually they only repeat one phase and yes they are alive but it’s not them, a part of them is gone and they no longer belong here, their existence is unnatural and you feel like you are a necromancer finally learning the weight and consequences of your magic 

Can someone explain this in english

sorry this is a language only real video game necromancers will understand




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Oh my god


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As per request

Can a laptop do THIS?


them: lemme know if u need to talk xx


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